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A large number of our courses are also available as online training.

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Masterclass Leadership and People Management

Do you really want to stand out in leadership? Achieving excellent results with visionary and inspiring People Management? In this master class we bring successful leadership to a next level. You will develop a strategic vision and...

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Satisfaction score: 92%

Assertive Leadership

A healthy dose of assertiveness is crucial to your success as a leader. After all, assertive leadership means finding a balance between steering, correcting, controlling and setting boundaries on the one hand and motivating, coaching...

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Satisfaction score: 85%

Remote Leadership

Remote management requires a specific approach and a new leadership style. When employees start working more and more independent of time and place, it is necessary as a manager or team leader to set different accents in managing teams...

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Online Meeting Skills

Let's get straight to the point: in 50% of the cases, your presence at a meeting is a waste of time. This also applies to online meetings. With an efficient approach, we can certainly get that percentage up. In this course we will go...

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