Our customers

We strive for maximum customer satisfaction every day. What ultimately counts for each training session is the end result. That is why we keep all satisfaction scores from our customers.
Below are the satisfaction scores of the 20 most recent trainings. We are happy to share this information with you. 

CompanyFollowed trainingScore
K&NCustomer Delight85%
Urganiz BVMedia Training - Dealing with the press92%
Stad Sint-NiklaasMasterclass Leadership and People Management83%
K&NCustomer Delight75%
FIXATTI NVMedia Training - Dealing with the press100%
Datwyler Pharma PackagingMedia Training - Dealing with the press90%
FIXATTI NVMedia Training - Dealing with the press97%
ExellysAssertive Communication70%
K&NCustomer Delight97%
Cegeka Business SolutionsCommunication Skills Training94%
Intracto iOPrevention of stress and burnout84%
Guiasoft BVCommunication Skills Training85%
Compair Geveke NVCommunication Skills Training100%
Intracto iOPrevention of stress and burnout90%
Intracto - IOAssertive Communication95%
RocheHBDI Personality Profile100%
RocheHBDI Personality Profile100%
Intracto - IOAssertive Communication100%
IntractoPrevention of stress and burnout100%
Intract iOPrevention of stress and burnout95%

What customers say about usTestimonials

Time Management

In all aspects, the training fulfilled and actually exceeded my expectations. Not only the trainer
perfectly analysed my weaknesses but was able to suggest personalized tips and tools for getting
rid of them and improve my time management. Lies Martens was an amazing, enthusiastic, and
clearly very experienced trainer, who addressed each participant individually and was able to
make the course flow smoothly for the whole time without losing our attention and interest. This course was a pleasant experience and the attitude of the trainer really motivated me. I will
definitely apply the tips in my daily work.

Vendula Smolikova - VUB

Communication workshop

The communication workshop was way better than expected. It really made all my employees open up and get to know each other better. It was also very interactive with a lot of exercises and techniques. We now have learned a structured way how to give feedback to each other and to customers.

Sammy Deprez - Arinti

Intercultural Communication & Management

I myself and our Customer Programme Team at Snecma Services Brussels were delighted with Jerko's intercultural communication training. The course was interactive and creative. It surpassed the simple do's and don'ts and offered an in depth insight into what communication all together is about. I am confident we'll be a better service provider after having enjoyed this training session.

Wim Collaer - Accounts Director at Snecma Services Brussels

Management Skills

I expected a standard management training to refresh the key points I have learned throughout my career. It went beyond refreshing. The trainer really knows how to transfer his passion for people to the group. I'm convinced everyone has found their passion for their job back after this training. This training was more than useful, it was really inspiring.

Gertjan Hesius - Neovia Logistics

Communication Skills Training

The session was very interactive and an impulse on realizing that you are responsible for the thoughts you have and how these have an influence on your communication in life. The session was very valuable in a way that it can be applied to all parts of life, as well in the work environment as in private life.

Lut Oosterlinck - Bayer CropScience

Intercultural Communication & Management

In this training I hoped to receive tips and tricks on how to avoid misunderstandings between people from different nationalities and backgrounds, especially between Dutch and Belgium co-workers. I have learned that behaviour can be a cultural reaction but also that the individual attitude can play an important role. Being able to understand, flexibility and not judging the expected feedback from colleagues are the major learning points.

Christophe Nadaud - BOSCH P&O

Persuasive communication

The trainer was very well prepared (there was an online intake beforehand with our questions and expectations), clearly had a lot of experience and was really empathetic. She managed to identify our communication problems very quickly and proposed concrete solutions. I was really very surprised and satisfied with the output of this training. Top!

Andrea Ariani - BASF

Conflict Management Training

I wanted to learn new concepts about conflicts and become more confident and strategic in conflict-related situations. I wanted to learn how to initiate conflict-related conversations, how to realize that the situation is stuck, and recognize (and exploit or avoid) common patterns in conflict situations.
I was also interested in basic strategies and pitfalls for resolving conflicts between others.
The trainer introduced several helpful techniques that will be help in real conflict situations. I liked that these strategies were simple, reasonable and well structured. This training made me confident and showed me that conflict is not always a bad thing and that it can be used for an improvement.

Ivan Maslov - UHasselt

Customer Delight

In a pleasant and interactive way, the team discussed a number of ways to further improve customer contact in order to be able to complete a complete customer enquiry. This was without a doubt an excellent training. Everyone was given sufficient attention, with the necessary respect for strengths and weaknesses. I learned a lot!

José Pauwels - Meta Leuven