Team building Activities

Team building activities are a vital part of corporate life. These interactive workshops promote team spirit and help employees develop their personal skills. Looking for motivating team building activities tailored to your organization? Discover here our inspiring workshops? 60 minutes? Half a day? Or longer? Expert Academy is happy to work out a customized team building proposal. We offer proven concepts to help you find your favorite team building that fits your goals and objectives. Discover our range of team building activities here.

Thinking Outside the Box

Workshop improvisation and creativity. For anyone who wants to develop and stimulate a creative way of thinking
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Moon landing exercise powered by NASA

This teambuilding exercise was developed by NASA and works on different levels. It is an exercise in teambuilding, communication skills, assertiveness, cooperation, negotiation, meeting techniques, self-confidence ...
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HBDI Personality Profile

How to better understand others and how they think with HBDI
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Communicate with impact

Interactive workshop with inspiring video examples and concrete, recognizable situations. During this teambuilding workshop we will discuss a number of techniques to make our communication more effective.
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Master of your own time

This workshop will enable you to take a step back from the day-to-day pressures and understand where your time is being spent, and what to do about it.
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Change Management

'Companies that do not change drastically today will no longer exist within 5 years'.
One of the biggest challenges of an organisation is to effectively lead employees, teams and managers through a change process
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Leadership coaching

This programme will develop a coaching style of leadership that maximises employer potential and improves team performance. It is suitable for experienced middle and senior managers who wish to be able to use core coaching processes to...
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The power of body language and non-verbal communication

In communication, the focus is often on the verbal. We all pay attention to what we say. But with our non-verbal communication we often say more, but then unconsciously.
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Consultative Selling

Selling looks simple. People tend to think that a good vocal expression and a good appearance are sufficient factors for success. Indeed, successful selling implies successful communication and the building up of trust.
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