Our approach

We believe that through training and coaching, anyone can be an expert in their profession or field. Our trainers are dedicated experts who share their passion and experience allowing others to grow professionally, obtain better results and successfully reach their goalsDeveloping your talent is our passion.


We work on three levels:

  • The Individual: Increasing the knowledge and personal skills of managers and their employees
  • Team: Improve the functioning of departments and teams
  • Organization: Implement and support change processes

Live training and education remains the most efficient training method to this day. That is why the essence of our approach lies in the personal contact between teachers and participants.

Active knowledge transfer, interaction, confrontation with other participants and individual action plans are central to our approach.

For who?

We focus on everyone who is active in the business world - from sole proprietorship to multinational companies . The emphasis is on marketing, communication and personal development.

The 3 unique assets of Expert Academy

1. Proven expertise

The workshops of Expert Academy are given by experts who work in the field. They are all driven communication professionals, media specialists and management consultants who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. Also, our trainers and coaches continuously invest in their own development so that they can always apply the latest methodology and techniques.

2. Short but powerful training

Time is precious, especially in the business world. That is why our trainings are balanced and powerful. That way your busy schedule will not be compromised. Expert Academy offers daytime training, but you can also opt for a personal coaching of half a day in one or more sessions at the time that suits you best. We also offer blended learning and e-learning solutions.

3. Practice-oriented

We work from the dynamics of your organization or team. TCases and exercises are adapted to the business situation and the concrete reality of your job or position. The starting point of every training is always the work situation of the participant. The knowledge, insights and techniques are immediately applicable in practice. Each training course offers a mix of knowledge-based experiential learning, practical exercises and interaction between the participants in the group.