How to deal with negative feedback?

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Feedback is essential when working with others. Often feedback is perceived as unpleasant or is mistaken for criticism. So what is the best way to deal with negative feedback?

Picture this. You have been working very hard to finish that important project before the deadline and a day later your boss tosses the report on your desk with the words: "This is rubbish! The report is full of mistakes and typos! Have you ever learned to write properly?? "
Such criticism is totally out of order. How can you best respond now on that?

Usually we see that people who are getting negative feedback relapse in one of the following two reaction patterns: tthe fight or flight response

Fighting means they go into the counter-attack, defend themselves and actually will reject the feedback. "What did you expect? There was this impossible deadline and I did all I could to finish it on time".
This approach has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, you are not open to the substantive feedback and miss a chance to grow and become a better version of yourself. Also, chances are that you end up in a solid argument or conflict with your boss.
The other possibility is a flight reaction. You shrink ane let the entire dredging pour over you. You accept the lessons learned from the feedback, but you also take in all the negative energy. And obviously we don't need that.

growth opportunities

Fortunately, there is another option. Trainer Bart Provost has an effective and easily applicable technique to accept the lessons and positive elements of feedback, but block the negative energy so we can take in feedback in more healing way.  
The following video explains how negative feedback can create growth opportunities for yourself. 

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