How emotionally intelligent are you?

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People with highly developed EQ are generally more successful and efficient in their job. Mastering emotional skills contributes to a successful life. How emotionally intelligent are you?

Emotional intelligence is an important key to success. Several studies show that in 90% of the cases successful people have a higher EQ than the average population.

The question is: what makes these people so successful?

Below are the eight most important things that emotionally intelligent people do to make a difference.


1. They take responsibility
Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to make mistakes and take responsibility when something goes wrong. This allows them to learn quickly from their mistakes and achieve long-term results.

2. They embrace change
People with high EQ have an open mind. They see change as a positive thing. They are flexible to adapt to new situations and have the resilience to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

3. They have a positive attitude in life
Everyone has to deal with setbacks or problems. The difference is that emotionally intelligent people try to see the positive in every situation. This positive energy will help them continue to solve problems.

4. They live in the here and now
Did you know that over 80% of our thoughts are situated in the past or the future? Thinking back to what has been or fantasizing about what is to come, may be useful when you concentrate on what is happening at this time you often get better results. It also makes you much happier and less worried.

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5. They communicate clearly and respectfully
Clear communication is one of the main features of emotional intelligence. Make sure you make clear what you expect from others, give feedback and be open to feedback from others. Emotionally intelligent people also communicate with a lot of empathy.

6. They focus on solutions instead of problems
Do you have these colleagues or friends who always come to you with their problems? Or who always complain about others, their work, their partner, the world .... By continuing to focus on the downward spiral you obviously won't get much further. People who focus on alternatives, possibilities and resources rapidly overcome the obstacles in life.

7. They celebrate their own successes and others'
Emotionally intelligent people celebrate every success, however small and are grateful for the results achieved. It gives a tremendous boost to your self-confidence. They also support other people and are genuinely happy with their achievements. They realize that it helps to reward and support others in order to achieve more in life.

8. They invest in personal growth
They read many books, have genuine interest in what others are doing, are open to new ideas and opportunities and are constantly working on their further development. Investing in yourself increases your confidence and your self-esteem. 


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