A compact workshop is a powerful and intense form of training in half a day, an evening session or at a moment of choice.  Participants will acquire specific knowledge, tools and techniques and put these immediately into practice.

Unlike traditional forms of training, active participation, case studies and practice sessions play an important role.

It is a form of intensive training involving theory and practical training simultaneously.

The advantages of a compact workshop at Expert Academy

  • Fully tailored to your business or organization
  • Compact: minimal time investment on your team
  • Directly applicable into practice with an interactive approach

Some possibilities

  • Short and powerful sessions for Sales Meetings
  • Coaching & People Management for Executives or Management Team
  • Teambuilding & Communication
  • Thinking outside the box and Creativity
  • Motivation and inspiring Leadership
  • Pro-active approach to customer
  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Successful Negotiation
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Mind Mapping
  • Successful speaking to a group
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Closing Techniques for Sales Representatives
  • Stress management