Argumentation and Debate Training

Debating, arguing in a convincing way and responding effectively during a panel discussion, consultation, meeting or debate can be learned in this practice-oriented debate training.

Being able to debate well is actually a useful skill that is indispensable for any professional who wants to communicate effectively and efficiently with others. Just think of negotiations, presentations, group discussions or meetings. By conducting a constructive debate, you can better turn around resistance and come to a sound decision.

You can argue convincingly not only with a strong message but also with the way you convey the content: with confidence and in a substantiated way. Do you sometimes find it difficult to convince others of your vision? Have you ever been caught off guard by other people's reactions? Do emotions run high when others interrupt, attack or accuse you unjustly?

Communicating powerfully, clearly and persuasively so that you can win the other party over to your point of view is the key to having a successful debate. We can help you do just that.