How to make a LinkedIn Company Page that works for you

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If you are an independent business or you run your own company, then it is absolutely a must to have a Linkedin Company Page. 
In this article we will show you how to create a business page in a few easy steps and especially how you can use this page to attract new customers and expand your business.

LinkedIn is a professional network that continues to grow significantly and with more than 600 million users worldwilde it is indeed the most important business-to-business network online.

It is clear that many entrepreneurs and professionals see the commercial opportunities of the platform and are trying to perfect their LinkedIn strategy so that they can tap into the potential of this professional network.

The question is: where to start? What is really going to make the difference to be successful with your LinkedIn business page?

Here's a simple 5-step plan to get started with some quick-wins.

But first let's take a look at the advantages of a LinkedIn company page

The basis of LinkedIn is of course your individual personal profile. On this profile you usually have your skills, career development and current position, but it doesn't really showcase the company or organization you work for.

With a Linkedin company page you can:

  • Highlight products, new developments and company updates.
  • Build a strong corporate image
  • Place a direct link to the company website
  • Distribute press releases or other announcements
  • Publish job offers and find the best candidates
  • Inform your existing customers and attract hot prospects
  • Build stronger relationships and generate leads

Let's get down to business.

1. How to create a LinkedIn company page?

Don't have a page for your company on LinkedIn yet? Or do you want to make sure it's well optimized? In the video below we explain exactly how you can start creating a page and reap the first benefits.

2. Publish unique and valuable content

Of course you want your message to reach as many people as possible. The kind of content that goes 'viral' on LinkedIn is usually a topic that offers a certain solution to a problem your audience/customers/prospects are struggling with. This is immediately applicable because it is recognizable and useful. What's more, this type of message builds up a lot of goodwill and authority.

Whatever industry you are in, this type of content should at least be part of your strategy. So use Linkedin especially to spread valuable information.

3. Invite your connections to follow your page

An excellent idea is to invite your existing connections to follow your company page. This way you get a larger network immediately. In the video above we show you how that works. There are some limitations: this feature can only be used by the administrator of your company page, you must have at least 3 connections, otherwise the option is not available, you can only invite someone once and the number of invitations you can send is limited every month.
Also keep in mind that LinkedIn users can unsubscribe from these invitations. Despite these limitations, it's still an interesting tool for your LinkedIn marketing growth.

4. Encourage your employees to like and share your content

Encourage employees, colleagues and your existing connections to follow your company page and share your content
Starting from scratch with your LinkedIn company page? Then it's definitely a good idea to get your employees and colleagues on the cart to quickly find new followers and promote your page and updates.

Also encourage your employees or team to add your company page to the work experience in their personal profile. (See video above)

So make sure that every employee of your company optimizes his/her profile. Certainly employees with an externally focused function (sales, marketing, communication) are crucial in this respect. Their online presence on LinkedIn usually has a greater influence on the image and image of your organisation.

By letting employees actively share the messages on the company page, you not only reach your company network but also that of your employees. Extra tip: it's very likely that your employees are a bit cold feet when it comes to liking or sharing messages. Or maybe they don't know how to do it in the best way. Providing them with a basic LinkedIn course might just give that extra push to get started.

5. Have a custom content strategy

LinkedIn is not Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It really requires a different approach. The text, images, content and tone of voice are totally different from other social media. Make sure that the content that appears on LinkedIn has a professional character, without losing your authenticity.

Try to respond to the concrete needs of your target group. What they mostly want is to get inspired, follow relevant discussions and stay up to date on trends and sector news.

LinkedIn therefore requires a separate strategy for your content marketing. Sit down with your sales team or customer service and brainstorm about which questions/challenges your customers have. If you respond to this with your content, you are guaranteed to strike the right chord.