Prevention of stress and burnout

Research has shown that work stress and complex working patterns can cause serious damage to the physical and mental health of employees. As many as 89% complain about stress, 63% about burnout, and another 51% about insomnia. There is a growing awareness among companies and organizations to tackle these problems and increased efforts to root them out.

This practical training program provides a great deal of useful information. Which factors trigger stress or burnout? How can you detect the symptoms at an early stage? Who is liable to fall victim? Which techniques are effective to prevent stress and to deal with victims? What is the best way to deal with somebody suffering from burnout?

In this training course you will learn all you need to know to detect stress and burnout, and how to manage them, both on an organizational and personal level. You will leave the session with a number of building blocks to draw up an effective action plan for stress management, prevention and assistance in your company.