The Rose of Leary

How do you respond to the difficult behaviour?
This course will learn you how to use the Rose of Leary to understand the impact and preference of certain behaviour on others and the interaction between people.

The Rose of Leary is an interaction model that emerged from psychological research into the effect of interaction between people. It is a powerful and practical model for describing and influencing interaction.

In this training course we apply Leary’s interaction model to get an insight into the different communication processes. Leary’s Rose is a schematic reproduction of different ways of behaving and the effect this has on other people. With the help of exercises you learn how you can choose to behave differently, how you can manage each situation and obtain the result that you want and still accept the other person for what they are. 

This practical model can be applied in all types of everyday situations; a difficult work discussion, a business conflict or dealing with difficult clients.

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