Communication Skills

In this e-learning course you will learn how to effectively use the important communication skills that we need every day in our job. Your communications with others will be more professional and more effective

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The following topics are covered in this online course:

  • Understanding your own communication style and that of others
  • Communicating convincingly
  • The power of nonverbal communication
  • How to get others on board with your story.
  • How to make a confident impression?
  • Applying some assertiveness techniques
  • Dealing with different types of interlocutors
  • Communicating concretely and specifically: saying what you mean
  • Active and targeted listening
  • The importance of empathy with yourself and the interlocutor
  • Communicating with emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with resistance and difficult people
  • Giving and receiving feedback


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After completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation