Being assertive means standing up for yourself without losing sight of the feelings and interests of another. Assertiveness is about setting boundaries. But in practice it is not so easy to be assertive. After all, we don't want to put pressure on the relationship with the other person or we are afraid of the consequences if we step on our toes. So emotions often come into play.

Yet you can learn to stand up for yourself in an assertiveness training.

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    How To Be More Assertive

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    We all need to be assertive at some point. But it is not always easy to set clear boundaries and stand up for your own interests, opinions or values. Often we think: What if...

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    How to be more assertive as an introvert

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    Being introverted doesn't necessarily mean you're shy. And yet introverts often find it harder to be assertive. Why is that? And above all, what can you do about it? Here...

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    What is Assertive Behaviour?

    about Self confidence, Assertive behaviour, being assertive, Communication, assertiveness, Communication Assertive

    When you ask a someone: "What is assertiveness?" you usually get "being confident" as an answer. But it is more than that. Being assertive actually means standing up for...

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