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    5 Essential Training Techniques for Effective Employee Development

    about HR-management

    Effective training is the key to developing a high-performing workforce. Well-trained employees increase productivity and quality of work and strengthen the company's...

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    How to stand out with your LinkedIn profile: Featured Content

    about Linkedin

    Do you really want to make a strong impression with your LinkedIn profile? Make sure you stand out in a positive way? Here's a game-changer to highlight your unique...

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    How to keep your emotions under control

    about Emotional intelligence, omgaan met emoties

    "Oh, the nerve! What is she thinking?" That annoying colleague has seriously irritated you, and you nearly boil with anger, to say the least. Or your heart is pounding with...

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    Can leadership be developed?

    about leadership, Leadership

    Are great leaders born with leadership qualities or can you develop people into leaders? Recent scientific studies suggest that leadership is 30% genetic and 70% learned. In...

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