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    Tips for having more impact with online presentations

    about online presentatie

    Have you ever secretly answered an e-mail, sent Whatsapp messages or checked your Facebook while "watching" an online presentation? I'm sure you have. And you're not alone....

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    How to deal with Zoom fatigue?

    about videoconferentie, Online meeting

    Do you ever feel worn out after a day full of Zoom meetings, Teams meetings and video chats? You're not alone. Even Microsoft recognizes this phenomenon: employees feel more...

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    Camera tips for online meetings, video calls and webinars

    about webinar, videoconferentie, Online meeting, online presentatie

Video calls are a very convenient alternative to face-to-face meetings and that is why it is important to look as professional as possible. Surely you want the message...

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    How to make a LinkedIn Company Page that works for you

    about Linkedin, bedrijfspagina

    If you are an independent business or you run your own company, then it is absolutely a must to have a Linkedin Company Page.  In this article we will show you how to...

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