Giving and Receiving Feedback

Do you recognize the following situations?

You want to give feedback but you're afraid that this might be perceived as criticism.

You give your opinion and later on you find out that you have offended the other, while you only meant to help.

A team member needs correction or guidance but this person is not willing to accept any feedback

For weeks you've been irritated by the behaviour of a colleague, but you don't know how to make this clear.

A team member is performing poorly. How should you speak to him/her about it?

You notice that you have to pay too much attention to underperforming staff members

There is no  feedback culture within the organisation, and therefore it is sometimes difficult to motivate team members in an efficient way. How to implement a productive feedback culture within your company?

Feedback is essential when you cooperate with other persons.  We correct each others' behaviour by giving and receiving feedback. Very often however, feedback is experienced as unpleasant or as a form of criticism, while feedback may very be of a positive and constructive nature. How to give constructive feedback in a proper way? And how should you deal with receiving feedback?


This course will give you an insight into how feedback actually works. You will learn to give and receive both constructive and corrective feedback at the right moment and in a stimulating way.  After completion of this training course, you will be able to use feedback as a powerful tool for steering and motivating other persons in a professional environment.