Consultative Selling

Selling looks simple. People tend to think that a good vocal expression and a good appearance are sufficient factors  for success. Indeed, successful selling implies successful communication and the building up of trust. Whether you're selling an idea, your own words, a physical product or a professional service: every communication is a form of selling.

However, you are not born  a good salesman, you're made into one. Thanks to our 15 years of effective sales training, this sales training will guide you through the psychological and strategic aspects of the sales process, thereby aiming at establishing a successful, profitable and long-lasting relationship with customers.

The following topics are addressed:

  • Real life sales talk: basic principles for communicating with the client
  • How to win your client's confidence: proper build-up of the sales talk and the importance of asking questions
  • The use of body language, posture and attitude
  • Dealing with criticism, basic principles of negotiation
  • Exercises with video feedback
  • Review and discussion of the simulation exercises, using the recorded video material and with a special focus on the do's and don'ts