Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a powerful system based on psychological preferences. This highly valued working instrument, built on the work of Carl Jung, uses 4 colours (red, yellow, blue and green) to determine a personality profile for each co-worker, which allows them to improve their self-knowledge, their communication skills and productivity and thus lifting your organisation to a higher level.

Our preference for one particular colour is an indicator of how we think, work and communicate in a way which is most natural to us.

During this workshop we will make use of Insights Discovery, a highly reliable and statistically validated assessment tool which uses colours to identify different types of profiles. This training programme is relevant for every company level and suitable for international teams and organisations. Every participant is asked to answer 25 multiple-choice questions. The answers provided are used to draw up a profile, a highly detailed 20-page personal report which offers an insight into the respondent’s (working) style and how it affects both his professional and personal environment.

There are a number of fields of application:


Personal effectiveness

Self-knowledge is the key to success when it comes to personal and professional development. In order to provide this insight, we will use the Insights Discovery profile. For every participant an individual profile is drawn up, giving detailed information about the different types and features. This will allow for every trainee to gain insight in his/her personal effectiveness and qualities and identify points of improvement.



You want to make sure that your team is prepared for every challenge at any given time. Insights can help you in setting up an inspirational, goal-oriented team development plan. This workshop offers a unique and inspirational approach which inspires your co-workers to bring out the best in themselves. All team members will be handed concrete working tools and techniques to optimize their communication skills and to function more effectively within their teams.


Insights for sales

How to sell more effectively, create more turnover and build up closer relationships with your customers? The Insights programme is there to help sales professionals make better use of their own skills. The interactive programme is presented in a highly comprehensible and constructive way and offers insights into sales effectiveness which can be put into practice immediately.