Managing difficult conversations

Every individual has to face difficult conversations from time to time, be it with customers, colleagues, staff, stakeholders or managers. Having difficult conversations and being able to manage them effectively is a vital skill any professional should possess.

Dealing with a delicate situation, like appraisals, solving a staffing problem or important client conversations, requires insight and technique. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the managing and coping strategies needed to tackle difficult conversations effectively, both within and outside the workplace.

This programme aims to provide attendees with the skills required to negotiate calmly, defuse unpleasant situations and generally feel more positive about having difficult conversations.

Difficult conversations require thoughtful communication skills and strategies. Whether it's a difficult discussion in the workplace, a conflict situation in your personal life or dealing with sensitive topics, this course provides valuable information and advice on how to conduct difficult conversations effectively.

Managing difficult conversations

Managing difficult conversations is a learning process. In this course, we use exercises and simulations. We evaluate the conversations and you succeed in improving your skills in a lasting and authentic way.

Difficult conversations are a challenge, but with the right approach, you can communicate more effectively and achieve successful results.

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